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In Umbrella Stage’s ‘The Minutes,’ it’s time for the truth

The play gives the inner workings of local government a satiric twist, then takes the proceedings to a very dark place.

Dance Review

Alonzo King LINES Ballet flows together in ‘Deep River’

King has described dance as “a kind of faith”; here faith is a personal rather than a communal affair, strangers in the same boat crossing over Jordan.


At SpeakEasy, a moving ‘Cost of Living’ reveals its riches

Lewis D. Wheeler is a standout in Martyna Majok’s drama about disability, social class, compassion, loneliness, and what it takes to get through this world.

For ‘Cost of Living’ playwright Martyna Majok, the struggle to survive and connect isn’t fiction

The idea for her Pulitzer Prize-winning drama, getting its Boston premiere at SpeakEasy Stage Company, came to her after “a year of a lot of vulnerability, bad breaks, grief, and wondering: What is this all for?"


In Cambridge, Laura Sánchez dances with words

In the Globe's "Working Artist" series, writer Cate McQuaid visits artists and performers in their studios and spaces to find out how they create and what their lives are really like.

At Central Square Theater, a tale of bird brains and human hearts

"Beyond Words" captures the story of scientist Irene Pepperberg, who gained international attention for her pioneering work with a parrot named Alex.

Queer Voices festival will showcase a ‘crazy mix’ of 10-minute plays

The festival runs with repeat performances of the seven plays Friday through Sunday at the Boston Center for the Arts.

The mysterious man behind the musical ‘Girl From the North Country’? Bob Dylan himself.

“This show itself is carrying on from the lightning, from whatever struck him,” says writer and director Conor McPherson of Dylan, whose songs are woven into a story set in a Depression-era boarding house in Duluth, Minn.