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Jon Batiste transmits a joyful ‘World Music Radio’ at the Orpheum

In the context of Batiste’s radical joy, it’s no hyperbole to say his Boston show was indeed spiritual.


Dropkick Murphys get the St. Paddy’s party started

On the first of four consecutive nights of holiday shows, the band was as ferocious as ever.

What is Boston’s Irish music scene without Brian O’Donovan?

Because of St. Patrick’s Day, March is an especially busy season for most performers of Celtic music, but for Brian, “every month was an important music month.”

A two-night Gary Smith tribute celebrates the Fort Apache studios community he built

For two decades, Smith was a guiding light for many of Boston’s best bands — Pixies, Buffalo Tom, Blake Babies — and a few visitors from across the pond, such as Billy Bragg.

For Sleater-Kinney and Carrie Brownstein, it’s been 30 years and change

"This far along," Brownstein says, "there’s no reason to put out an album that sounds like another album of ours." Sleater-Kinney, which recently released "Little Rope," plays the Paradise Sunday.

Back Porch fest headliner Richard Thompson made great use of all that free time

The singer-songwriter and guitar virtuoso comes to Northampton Sunday ahead of the May release of "Ship to Shore," his first album in six years, written when the pandemic forced him off the road.

Beyoncé's new album will be called ‘Act II: Cowboy Carter’

Beyoncé is full of surprises — and on Tuesday, dropped yet another one.

‘Queen of Clubland’ Martha Wash insisted on being seen as well as heard

The singer memorably contributed to a pair of '90s dance hits, and when she was denied recognition, she fought and won. This weekend, Wash comes to town as part of the First Ladies of Disco tour.