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Wait, are pilots allowed to sleep during flights?

After authorities said two pilots fell asleep during a flight in Indonesia, a detail in the report stood out: One asked the other if it was OK to take a nap, and then snoozed for nearly an hour. Can pilots really do that?


On the slopes, more close calls than usual this year. Can’t we just be kinder skiers?

Sliding down a mountain is exhilarating, to be sure. But it’s risky enough in itself. Must we all make it more so? Efforts are underway to keep everyone safe.


What’s a Delta SkyMile worth in the case of a refund?

After American Queen Voyages changes Terrance Hardy’s arrival port, the cruise line agrees to cover his additional flight expenses. But more than a year later, there’s still no refund. What’s going on?


Jill Van Velzer on Bob Dylan, fisherman sandals, and Cheetos

We caught up with the Broadway actress (now on tour with “Girl From the North Country”) to talk about all things travel.


Not-so-rustic cottages in Vermont, an urban oasis in Savannah, and socks for on the go

Travel news you can use.


My phone got stolen on vacation. It turned out to be a blessing.

I’m not saying I want to get pickpocketed or otherwise lose my phone for an entire trip again, but I definitely learned some things.


When to book, where to go, and how to get there: Everything you need to know about getting away this spring

Here’s our advice for spending less on your April vacation or spring break.


Headed to the path of totality? Here are some of the events planned in Vt., N.H., and Maine.

The total solar eclipse is a month away, and preparation for the cosmic event is in full swing throughout New England.