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The backlash against self-checkout is nothing personal. Or is it?

Retailers nationwide are pulling self-serve kiosks from their stores or limiting the number of items shoppers can buy on their own. This tech columnist is taking it personally.


Why self-checkout is terrible

Self-checkout represents all that’s rotten about rugged American individualism. Framed under the guise of efficiency, it is actually alienating and frustrating. Also? It never works.


The great Harvard Square pizza war: Who’s getting a bigger piece of the pie?

Since it opened in mid-September, Joe’s Pizza has been challenging customer loyalty to nearby pizzerias, including Sicilian-style Pinocchio’s Pizza & Subs. Could the competition help make Cambridge a pizza destination?

An adorable way to keep your fridge from stinking

Say hello to Fun Guy from Ototo Design.

A hole new world: Making your own doughnuts

Nordic Ware recently introduced the French Twist Donut Pan.

Inside this chocolate shop, lots of sweet surprises

At Spindler's Confections, “Chocolate is our thing, but now we have other things."


Recipe: Spoon green olive tapenade over warm goat cheese for a divine appetizer

Recipe for Warm Goat Cheese with Green Olive Tapenade


Recipe: This riff on classic Italian American piccata is made with chicken cutlets, lemons, anchovies, and capers

Recipe for Chicken Piccata


What do restaurant customers really want? One of the area’s best-known chefs is trying to find out.

Will Gilson’s blunt Instagram post asking what restaurateurs can do better ups the ante on hospitality in a post-pandemic world. So tell us: How would you answer Gilson?


Move over maple? With climate change, new interest in tapping other trees for syrup.

Producing other kinds of syrup could be a natural way for farmers to safeguard their harvest against warmer weather and pests. But maple experts say the most famous syrup is here to stay.


Everything you need to know about vegan subscription meal services

We tried vegan meals from six companies: Mosaic, Purple Carrot, Sakara, Splendid Spoon, Sprinly, and Thistle. Here's what we learned.


Some barflies behave like animals. Michelle Gitschier Muirhead of Everett’s Park-9 Dog Bar is OK with that.

‘You’ll be sitting there taking a drink order, and all of a sudden there’ll be a Golden Retriever putting its paws up on the bar.’

Dorchester’s Chef Valentine dishes on ‘Top Chef,’ Fenway dining, and how the kitchen is like football

“I love cooking,” says the chef, who as a teen worked at Dorchester Papa Gino’s. “I love the high-intensity situation in the kitchen. I thrive under that pressure. It’s like making a diamond.”