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Personal trainer Isaac Boots on travel agents, his stack of books, and Joan Crawford

We caught up with the Oahu, Hawaii, native to talk about all things travel.


Is a restaurant in the future for this historic Providence theater?

The Rialto Theatre was once the site of a church, which was first constructed in 1829 and looked like a Greek temple. Here’s more about its intriguing past -- and what it could hold in the future.


Hurt? Sick? What would you do?

According to the people at Medjet Assist, one in 30 trips ends in a medical emergency, and more than 10 million travelers are hospitalized abroad each year. Here's how to protect yourself.


The worst kind of sightseeing — inside a hospital. What happens if you get hurt overseas?

Worst. Souvenir. Ever: A boot cast, a pair of crutches, and a hospital bill. That’s what writer Diane Bair brought home after a recent trip to the Faroe Islands. Here's how it all went down after she went down.

Nine creative women open Trove on Tremont, a collective pop-up shop in the South End

The store sells everything from jewelry, to plates and platters, to baked goods, to leather bags, clothes, and more.


Is it possible to approach someone you’re connected to online without creeping them out?

If the connection isn’t on a dating website, Meredith sees some possibilities for reaching out.


The backlash against self-checkout is nothing personal. Or is it?

Retailers nationwide are pulling self-serve kiosks from their stores or limiting the number of items shoppers can buy on their own. This tech columnist is taking it personally.


Why self-checkout is terrible

Self-checkout represents all that’s rotten about rugged American individualism. Framed under the guise of efficiency, it is actually alienating and frustrating. Also? It never works.

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For years, no one noticed body parts disappearing from Harvard’s morgue. Then came a phone call.

A tip would blow open the doors to a dark but not-so-secret nationwide network, leading investigators into the Harvard morgue and a gruesome American market.


The great Harvard Square pizza war: Who’s getting a bigger piece of the pie?

Since it opened in mid-September, Joe’s Pizza has been challenging customer loyalty to nearby pizzerias, including Sicilian-style Pinocchio’s Pizza & Subs. Could the competition help make Cambridge a pizza destination?


Centurion Foundation was the ‘only viable’ buyer for Roger Williams, Fatima hospitals, CEO says

The union that represents about 1,000 workers at both R.I. hospitals slammed the business model of their only potential buyer, The Centurion Foundation. Its proposed deal would require the hospitals to issue $133 million in bonds.

Pedal coast-to-coast without using a road? New program helps connect trails across the US.

The Biden administration was set to open applications Tuesday for a new grant program that for the first time prioritizes not just building trails but connecting the existing ones.


As the private-equity-firm owners look to sell, the future of two safety-net hospitals in R.I. is at stake

Prospect Medical Holdings has hollowed out Our Lady of Fatima Hospital and Roger Williams Medical Center. But will being owned by a private foundation be any better for patients and workers?

An adorable way to keep your fridge from stinking

Say hello to Fun Guy from Ototo Design.

A hole new world: Making your own doughnuts

Nordic Ware recently introduced the French Twist Donut Pan.

Inside this chocolate shop, lots of sweet surprises

At Spindler's Confections, “Chocolate is our thing, but now we have other things."