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R.I. Congressman Seth Magaziner wants to guarantee workers paid vacation days

Unlike the EU, the US doesn't require companies to provide any paid time off, leaving nearly 27 million workers without paid vacations.


R.I. Senate passes gun safe storage bill

Opponents say the bill infringes on Second Amendment rights, but the sponsor says “It only acknowledges that with those rights come the responsibilities to keep the weapon safely away from being used by children.”


President of Barletta construction firm steps down, will remain chairman

Vincent Barletta, head of the company that was working on the Washington Bridge westbound when problems were discovered late last year, is stepping down as president, though he will retain the title of chairman.


R.I. timeline for reopening Washington Bridge is ‘aggressive,’ US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says

Secretary Buttigieg toured the shut-down bridge Tuesday, days after Rhode Island officials announced it would need to be replaced


R.I. need not choose between open space and housing, poll suggests

Governor McKee’s “green economy” bond did not include funds to preserve open space because of the need to build housing. But the Nature Conservancy’s AnderBois says, “We can and should do both.”


Child advocate says response to serious problems at St. Mary’s Home for Children ‘is wholly inadequate’

Rhode Island's acting child advocate says that St. Mary's Home for Children is failing to address serious problems of mismanagement that led to neglect and abuse at the nonprofit serving vulnerable children.


Small businesses are being decimated by the Washington Bridge debacle, and help really isn’t on the way

Business owners said they’ve had to work harder for less sales, and the traffic crisis is ultimately killing their bottom lines,


Chinese billionaire pleads guilty to straw donor scheme in New York and Rhode Island

A Chinese billionaire has pleaded guilty to federal election crimes, admitting that he made thousands of dollars in contributions to New York and Rhode Island political candidates in the names of others.