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Is a restaurant in the future for this historic Providence theater?

The Rialto Theatre was once the site of a church, which was first constructed in 1829 and looked like a Greek temple. Here’s more about its intriguing past -- and what it could hold in the future.


Move over maple? With climate change, new interest in tapping other trees for syrup.

Producing other kinds of syrup could be a natural way for farmers to safeguard their harvest against warmer weather and pests. But maple experts say the most famous syrup is here to stay.


Service charges in restaurants: Equity for workers or ‘junk’ fees that should be eliminated?

President Biden has he wants to eliminate “junk” fees that are costing Americans billions each year. Most assume that he’s referring to credit card companies and ticket sellers, but regulations would also include independent restaurants.


Where you should eat, drink, and celebrate for St. Patrick’s Day in Rhode Island

Ahead of two of the biggest parades in Rhode Island — in Newport and Providence — here’s where you should plan to eat, drink, and celebrate.


Hold the pitchforks: PVDFest 2024 to return to downtown location

After the city made a series of divisive changes to its annual arts and cultural festival, the mayor’s office said it’s considering allowing open containers and block parties this year.


The Kitchen at The Shack brings a taste of French Polynesia to South County

When Momo Camara first moved to the US, he found comfort in cooking. Now the chef is merging international flavor with Rhode Island roots.


A new coffee/martini bar; Providence’s Omni Hotel has something new, and more food notes

The early bird gets the ... biscuit! Irregardless Biscuit, a new addition to Providence, sells out of its popular dish quickly so get there fast.


I’ve got a Del’s in Fort Myers to sell you

Brittany Peters, who owns the rights to sell Del's Lemonade in two Florida counties, needs to sell her franchise to help cover medical expenses for herself.