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NH Crime

Concord police officer indicted on four counts of assault

Richard Cobb allegedly assaulted three people on two occasions while he was on duty in March and April 2023.


Saving New Hampshire’s rarest plants from extinction

One plant is so rare that it only exists in three locations on earth: two in New Hampshire, and one in Vermont. All three are within an 18 kilometer stretch of the Connecticut River.


Move over maple? With climate change, new interest in tapping other trees for syrup.

Producing other kinds of syrup could be a natural way for farmers to safeguard their harvest against warmer weather and pests. But maple experts say the most famous syrup is here to stay.


New Hampshire charges 1st person in state with murder in the death of a fetus

A 2018 law defines a fetus at 20 weeks of development and beyond as a person for purposes of criminal prosecution of murder.


Man shot by police officers in Hampstead, N.H.

The shooting occurred after Hampstead police responded about 4 p.m. to a report that a man named Robert Boulter was inside a home at 42 Oldham Road with a gun and had made threatening statements, officials said.

Two former New England College students are victims in double murder-suicide in Miami, officials say

Meghan Moore, 25, and Sidney Capolino, 23, were fatally shot at their Miami apartment by a man who then turned the gun on himself, police said.


Nine New Hampshire towns defeat bans on voting machines

At least 23 towns were considering a ban on voting machines after a conservative group organized a statewide effort to require hand counts in the name of election integrity.


Barrington, N.H., kids vote overrides Halloween tradition

More than 400 children voted on 2024 trick-or-treating, renaming the town’s forestry truck, and the color of next year’s dog tags.