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At Meta’s Cambridge office, cafeteria workers fight to maintain union rights

Last month, when a new contractor started operating the tech giant’s dining facility, it announced it was throwing out the existing union contract and planned to negotiate a new one from scratch.

Union membership rate hits record low in 2023, though unions picked up workers

The decrease in the union membership rate happened because the labor market added a whopping 2.7 million jobs in 2023, with nonunion positions growing at a faster pace than union ones.

Salem Hospital doctors are organizing a union

The physicians citied budget cuts, overflowing hospital beds, and decisions being made without their input.

Starbucks union fight is grinding down the company — and workers at local cafes

A half-dozen local baristas say they are plodding forward with their unionization fight, despite it dragging on without a contract in the 15 Massachusetts union stores.

The union comes to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory in Vermont

The workers at the Waterbury factory — which is often open to the public for tours and includes a "graveyard" for decommissioned flavors — is the second group of employees of the ice cream brand to organize.

Starbucks cafes in Newton, Somerville unionize

After a stalled effort to organize last summer, baristas at cafes near Porter Square and Newton Corner finally announced their union.

Resident assistants at Emerson College launch a union

The undergraduate students hope organizing will help solidify the disciplinary policy for RAs, encourage more transparency from the college, and create a pay stipend.

WeWork may enter Chapter 11 bankruptcy as soon as next week

Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows a company to keep operating while it works out a plan to repay its debts.