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‘It’s an invasion.’ In towns across Eastern Mass., resistance grows against ambitious state housing law.

The state’s new housing law challenges Massachusetts’ long, proud history of letting towns control their own zoning, and resistance is growing fast.

It’s Massachusetts v. Milton in a key test of state’s ambitious new housing law

Amid mounting resistance to the state’s push to compel cities and towns to build more housing, Attorney General Andrea Campbell on Tuesday sued the Town of Milton for failing to comply with a controversial new zoning law.

Healey administration bars Milton from state grants after defiant housing vote. It’s about more than money.

The administration is trying to head off broader momentum sparked by the town’s recent rejection of a controversial housing plan.

Greater Boston housing market continues to slouch, spelling bad news for affordability

Would-be sellers are reluctant to list homes for sale and give up ultra-low mortgage rates locked in over the past few years, keeping inventories tight and prices high.

How Everett became a housing boomtown in the Boston area

Everett has added more housing in the past few years than any community in Greater Boston. What do they know that the rest of us could learn?

After Milton vote, the question remains: What now?

Milton now faces the politically delicate task of writing yet another new zoning plan, while living under legal limbo for violating the state’s most ambitious housing law in decades.

Four maps that show where, how — and by whom — Milton’s housing plan was defeated

Precinct-level results in Milton detail a town divided.

shirley leung

‘No winners here’: Milton residents voted down a plan for more housing. But the state isn’t our colonial overlord.

To her Milton neighbors who voted “No,” Globe columnist Shirley Leung asks that you please come up with a plan to comply. This isn't the Boston Tea Party.