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James D. Robinson III, former CEO of American Express, dies at 88

As CEO of American Express Co. from 1977 to 1993, James Robinson III helped transform Wall Street into a more competitive financial marketplace, with a wide diversity of businesses housed under a single roofs.

Bernard Schwartz, antiwar executive who built an arms maker, dies at 98

After taking over the ailing Loral Corp. in the Bronx and turning it into a multibillion-dollar military contractor, Mr. Schwartz became known for being solicitous of his employees' well-being.

Astronaut Thomas Stafford, commander of Apollo 10, has died at age 93

Mr. Stafford, a retired Air Force three-star general, took part in four space missions, including the historic linkup of Soviet and American space capsules.

Olga Murray, who changed the lives of children in Nepal, dies at 98

Ms. Murray was recognized by the Dalai Lama in 2001 as an “unsung hero of compassion.”

Byron Janis, pianist of romantic passion, dies at 95

Byron Janis, an American pianist renowned for his commanding performances of the romantic repertory and for his discovery of manuscript copies of two Frédéric Chopin waltzes, died Thursday in the New York City borough of Manhattan. He was 95.

Joe Camp, filmmaker behind ‘Benji’ franchise, dies at 84

After its script was rejected by major studios, "Benji" would become one of the top money-making films of 1974.

David Breashears, climber, cinematographer brought Mount Everest to the masses, dies at 68

Mr. Breashears, who summited Mount Everest five times, was the co-director and cinematographer of “Everest,” one of the most viewed IMAX documentaries in history.

Sydell L. Miller, self-made eyelash and hair-care mogul, dies at 86

Sydell L. Miller was a self-made beauty mogul went from the stay-at-home wife of a Cleveland salon owner to a mansion so immense that it was said to take an hour to walk through all of its rooms.