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In Paris, the Olympics clean up their act

The organizers say they’re putting the Games on a carbon emissions diet.

After laying out a bold vision to transition to green energy, state creates a new office to implement the plan

A new office of Energy Transformation in Massachusetts will be tasked with ensuring there’s sufficient electrical infrastructure, that the transition from gas to electric is well coordinated, and that the transition is done equitably for impacted workers in the gas industry.

MIT’s Sloan School launches ambitious climate center to aid policy makers

Environmentalists welcome the new initiative, but worry about potential funding and influence from fossil fuel companies.


Providence wants all city buildings to become carbon neutral. It’s not yet clear how much it will cost.

Mayor Brett Smiley signed into law an ordinance that would require all city-owned buildings — including schools — go carbon-neutral by 2040. It’s an ambitious endeavor, but it’s not yet clear how much it might cost.

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A Somerville startup’s shocking idea for zero-carbon energy

Eden GeoPower is pioneering a new kind of fracking that uses jolts of electricity, rather than blasts of water, to shatter underground rocks.

Massachusetts cranberry bogs were hit hard by climate change. Now, they’re a tool in the battle against it.

Climate change pushed the cranberry industry northward. On retired cranberry bog land, ancient wetland ecosystems lie below, and now they’re getting their day in the sun.


Agent Orange exposure damages the brain in ways similar to Alzheimer’s disease, new study says

The long-term impact of exposure on the brain has been a mystery. A new study at Brown University reveals a link between the herbicide and certain aging-associated diseases.

Another ‘smashed’ weather record: Local meteorologists, experts say the impacts are very real

Hottest February and all-time high ocean temps continue alarming global trend, data show.