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Jake Auchincloss

TikTok is propaganda for our adversary

TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, X, YouTube, Twitch, Discord, Reddit, and other platforms have wealth and power that is unprecedented, but they are not using it responsibly.


Conservative Supreme Court justices should listen to their mentors

Retired Supreme Court justice Stephen Breyer’s candor about the state of the court is refreshing and much needed.


Maura Healey’s fuzzy line between her public life and private life

For Healey, discussing the deep import of Brandi Carlile singing "You and Me on the Rock," as she does on the "Love Letters" podcast, fits the helpful bill. For some reason, telling the public where she’s traveling does not.

Avik Chatterjee

Time limits, caps on family shelter will not solve the problem of homelessness in Mass.

The Massachusetts House voted to place time limits on families living in shelters, limiting families to 9- to 12-month stays.


Massachusetts needs more nurses and should ease path for out-of-state workers

Most neighboring states, and 41 US jurisdictions in total, let nurses licensed in one state practice in the others. Joining that compact would give Massachusetts’ employers a better shot at filling thousands of vacancies.


Bernie Sanders’s foreign policy ‘revolution’ is a string of leftist clichés

The Vermont senator looks at America’s global record and sees mostly failure and disgrace.


Hollywood tries a new role — gun safety advocacy

For decades, TV and movies have glorified guns as cool and fun. Are recent attempts to incorporate gun security measures into storylines too little too late?


Credit Mike Pence for speaking the truth about Trump

Voters should listen to what the former vice president and other erstwhile Trump appointees say about the man they worked for.